SocialEyez has compiled an infographic of The Most Discussed Subjects Across Arabic Social Media in 2014 by observing and monitoring online conversations throughout the year. The infographic provides a fair insight on what made the cut. Read more over at




In 2014, marketers have observed the descending graph of organic reach on Social Media and the increasing need for paid advertising budgets to reach the right people. Various ‘thought leaders’ have also been telling businesses to stop ‘wasting’ their time and efforts on Social Media. These rumblings have become louder towards the tail end of the year, making experts, brands and stakeholders question – Is the Social Media party ending? Read the rest of this entry »



VIRAL – that one word marketers are looking for

In 2014, digital campaigns have hit a stride with brands going the extra mile and proactively engaging with their communities online and offline. With many channels available, from the obvious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the more specialized Pinterest and LinkedIn, we’re seeing brands utilize Social Media a few steps away from the basics. Take a look at this list of the most creative campaigns of 2014 from the US, some great and some ground-breaking: Read the rest of this entry »


If you know a young social media user who spends a considerable amount of time on the Internet, chances are, you have heard them say, “When I grow up, I want to be a YouTuber.” It’s an ambiguous concept to many, loose around the edges, and surrounded by clichés us ‘millennials’ are dealing with. In an attempt to contemplate a response to any critics who believe social media is temporary and being a YouTuber is not a real job, here are our arguments. Beware, you will be turned. Read the rest of this entry »

Mark Zuckerberg has a 10-year plan. His grand vision begins with you receiving the message; in fact it’s his very first priority. The Facebook CEO revealed this during the third quarter conference call with investors held in October. This plan is laid out on two important pillars – short-term goals and long-term achievements, trying to incorporate the best of all worlds on Facebook. The goals are concrete; beginning with growth amongst the multiple properties owned by Facebook, moving towards increased collaboration between its messaging services for creating a whole new user experience and lastly, the rise of Oculus Rift. How practical these goals prove to be is a thing of the future, but the important question to be raised here is – How do these goals affect brands and business that are on a crunch for triumph on the platform. Read the rest of this entry »

Eid-Al-Adha Greeting


eid-el-adhaSocialEyez wishes everyone a very Happy Eid Mubarak.

May your year ahead continue to be filled with health, wealth, and prosperity, and may you have a Joyous and Spirited Eid Mubarak day with all your dear ones.

Hope by Allah’s grace we continue working together and achieve new goals of success.

Eid Mubarak !

 SocialEyez  تتمنى لكم عيداً سعيداً

نتمنى لكم عاماً مليئاً بالصحة و السعادة و الرخاء وعيداً سعيداً مع كل الأحباب.

نسأل الله أن يجمعنا دائما لتقديم الأفضل وتحقيق المزيد من النجاحات.

عيدكم مبارك!


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